Basic Knowledges

  • Chinese Rapier Loom
    Chinese Rapier Looms are developed based on shuttle looms. After decades of development and modification in China, Chinese rapier looms have become the most economic and efficient solution for various weaving demands. Zhejiang Province, especially Shaoxing and Xiaoshan, becomes the main manufacturing base of rapier looms.
  • Electronic Jacquard Machine
    Electronic Jacquard Machines in China are mostly copies of European machines. With the development of electronic and electro-magnet control technologies, Chinese electronic jacquard machines becomes more and more competitive in price, in quality and also in performance. According to the jacquard mechanism, it can be classified into two types, one is Staubli type, and another is Bonas type.
  • Automatic Warp Knotting Machine
    Automatic warp knotting machines are a kind of industry robot in the weaving industry, which connects the warp yarns automatically. It sharply reduces the loom stop time and labor cost, and increases the loom weaving efficiency. It is an ideal solution for weaving mills short of skilled workers.

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