Model JG736 rapier loom series are the hottest weaving machines in the export sales, mainly used to weave natural fibers (cotton, wool, hemp), artificial fibers, fancy yarns and chenille yarns into light, medium and heavy fabrics.

It meets the requirements of the textile weaving industry with its high performance/price ratio, and is the most successful weaving solution for heavy fabric weaving.

It is controlled by micro-computer and equipped with automatic warp/weft stop devices and semi-automatic oil supply. The wall frames are strengthened to offer better performance for weaving heavy and higher density fabrics.

  • Control panel:
    The loom is controlled by the control panel with a micro-computer, the LCD display provides a very user-friendly human-machine interface, which shows the production statistic data of each shift and provides the weft color programming function.
  • Wefting:
    Wefting mechanism adopts 6-lever wefting structure and can ensure the adjustment of the rapier entry and exit time and ensure stable wefting and insertion motion. This machine adopts 4 levers, short connectors and short sley to complete the beating motion, the rock shaft adopts 110mm(diameter) seamless tube to ensure the beating strength and can be suitable for high-speed motion and weaving of heavy and high density fabrics. The rapier transmission box adopts the advanced helix umbrella gears to ensure stable transmission. The tension device adopts 3-rear-beam tension structure, which is specially designed for balancing the warp tension of high-density weaving and can improve the quality of the weaving fabrics.
  • The adoption of two pressing rollers on the fabric winding roller enables the worker to unload the fabric from the fabric roller without stop. The frequent adoption of bearings for the major moving parts provides better performance and easier maintenance.

SJ736B Rapier Loom Series


  • Nice appearance
  • Excellent performance
  • Strong structure and heavy machine body
  • Low noise
  • Long life
  • Easy maintenance
  • 680mm warp beam diameter
  • Continuous take-up mechanism
  • Double fabric pressing rollers

Technical Parameters:

Reed Space: 1800mm-3600mm
Working Speed: 150-250rpm
Motor Power: 2.2kw
Shedding Device: tappet cam, dobby, jacquard
Warp Stop Motion: automatic stop
Weft Stop: automatic stop
Color Selection: mechanic or electronic selector optional
Control: micro-computer control, LCD display of working statistics data




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