Brief Introduction

Jingong Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high performance & cost-effective weaving machines, warping machines, automatic warp knotting machines for warp knitting and weaving, carpet knitting machines, fake fur knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines, and various spare parts.

It is located in Shaoxing City, which is famous not only for her history and culture, but also for a watery hometown, a rice wine hometown and a bridge hometown.

We have our team of talents with professional knowledge on various fields of textile machineries, both in electronics and mechanics. We care about the investments of clients, and handle only quality products with our technical know-how and quality supervision.

We have manufacturing bases for different products:

  • Full Range of Weaving Looms

    • JG888 rapier loom series
    • JG888 fishnet weaving rapier loom series
    • JG888 jutebag weaving rapier loom series
    • JG736 rapier loom series
    • JG736T terry towel weaving rapier loom series
    • Airjet loom series based on Tsudakoma airjet looms
    • Waterjet loom series
  • Full Range of Warp Knotting Machines

    • EZTEX cutter type automatic warp knotting machine
    • EZTEX tube type automatic warp knotting machine
    • BQ188 automatic warp knotting machine (Compatible with Fischer knotting machine)
    • BQ198 automatic warp knotting machine (Compatible with USTER TOPMATIC)
    • BQ198 automatic warp knotting machine specially for warp knitting application
    • BQ178 automatic warp knotting machine for label weaving application
    These knotting machines can accelerate the process of beam change on weaving looms, and reduce the loom idling time. Customized products for special applications or yarns are also available.
We have very close collaboration in research and manufacturing of textile machinery with many famous companies in China, we can provide artificial fur knitting machine and carpet knitting machine, which are now available only with very few suppliers in the world. Meantime, we can also provide updating service for fake fur knitting machine from Karl Mayer.

As we are in the heartland of the textile industry, it is our good luck that we have the best sources of various 2nd hand textile machinery, we are providing full service for 2nd hand machines: sourcing, cleaning, fixing missing parts, loading and also investing.

We welcome friends and clients from home and abroad, hand in hand, to create a splendid tomorrow with us.

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